Day #1 Action.


Well done to our schools for their spirited efforts at Santich Park on Monday. Students gave their all in 400m races, turbojav, shotput and long jump. We also had some of our students with special needs participating in ‘friendly’ track and field events too.

It was great to see many parents put their hand up and volunteer their time to assist in the field events. Your help is much appreciated and always welcome. We are not as well resourced as little athletics clubs, but we go to great lengths to make sure that our carnivals are of a high quality, and that students get ample opportunity to challenge themselves and participate for the enjoyment of the game. It was wonderful to hear many instances of positive feedback from different channels.

We now look forward to Thursday’s events, and we hope to see you there. Please see below for current scores and a selection of photos.

Mater Christi          164

St Jerom’e             104

St Bernadette’s       98

Christ the King       96

Star of the Sea       92

Yidarra                    84

Orana                      64

Queen of Apostles   50

Living Waters           20

IMG_3987 IMG_3988 IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_3992 IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_3999 IMG_3986

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