2018 Carnival Dates and Venues

TERM 1   

Swimming at Rockingham Aquatic Centre: Tuesday 10 April (Week 11)


Basketball at Wally Hagan Stadium, Hamilton Hill: Monday 21 May (week 4)

Lightning Carnival at multiple venues: Tuesday 19 June (week 8)

Netball and Volleyball – Fremantle Netball Association. Soccer – Beale Park, Spearwood. Football – Sanich Park, Munster.


League Tag at Santich Park, Munster: Tuesday 7 August (week 4)

Cross Country at Manning Park, Hamilton Hill: Tuesday 4 September (week 8)



Athletics Day #1 at Santich Park, Munster: Monday 12 November (week 6)

Long Jump, Shot Put, Turbo Jav and 400m events

Athletics Day #2 at Santich Park, Munster: Tuesday 13 November (week 6)

80m/100m/200m sprints and relay events

Cricket at Santich Park, Munster: Tuesday 27 November (week 8)



3 thoughts on “2018 Carnival Dates and Venues

  1. Hello
    I just wanted to know the distances for each year group (year 3-6) for the interschool cross country please.
    Thank you


  2. […] We are back again for another year of interschool sport!  Our first event is still a while away – swimming at Rockingham Aquatic on 10 April at Rockingham Aquatic.  There will be more information available closer to the event.  You can see the proposed dates for all our events here: 2018 Carnival Dates and Venues. […]

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