A League Of Their Own.

Congratulations to Yidarra Catholic Primary School who dominated our league tag carnival last week. Yidarra took home 3 of the 4 shields on offer and as such received an invitation to play in the State Cup in the coming weeks. The other school to claim a shield and also receive an invitation to play in the cup was Mater Christi. For a full list of results please click here.

image5 image1

The level of skill was outstanding from all schools as there were many tries scored on the day, with students demonstrating great evasion and defensive skills, along with a firm grasp of the tactics and strategies of this exciting game.

Gus Marshall from WA Rugby League (WARL) was most impressed with what he saw, and was delighted to personally present the shields and trophies.

A big thank you to Michael Guthrie from Atwell College for coordinating the referees for the carnival. They are students who participate in specialised rugby league classes at Atwell college.

File_000File_006  File_002File_007  File_004File_008

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