Lightning Carnival Results

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who volunteered their time to assist with various roles such as umpiring, scoring and coaching at our annual Lightning Carnival.  With each school having multiple teams across netball, football, soccer and volleyball, we rely heavily on volunteers to make this wonderful event possible.  Thank you also to many high school students who helped, especially the SEDA students at netball and Seton students at soccer.

The students, from all schools, played and trained hard to represent their school the best that they possibly could.  The lightning carnival is an excellent opportunity for all students, of all abilities to be able to enjoy a day playing sport with their peers.

2017 Lightning Carnival Results:


Division 1st 2nd 3rd
A St Jerome’s QOA Yidarra
B Yidarra SOTS CTK
C Yidarra C2 Yidarra C1 M Christi


Division 1st 2nd 3rd
N/A DRAW: M Christi T1 and SOTS No 2nd place due to draw CTK


Division 1st 2nd 3rd
A Yidarra A1 M Christi St Bernie’s
B M Christi St Bernie’s Yidarra


Division 1st 2nd 3rd
A M Christi A1 Orana A1 Yidarra
B M Christi DRAW: Orana and SOTS No 3rd due to tie for 2nd

Lightning Carnival – 2 weeks to go!

Our next event is quickly approaching and it’s a big one!  On Tuesday 20 June, students from all 9 of our association schools will be competing across 4 sports and venues in our Lightning Carnival.  Fixtures are now available for each of the 4 sports: netball, volleyball, Australian rules football and soccer.

Sadly, when contacting volunteer groups to assist with umpiring, I was told that there were issues with parent behaviour at two of our sports in 2016.  While parent spectators are always welcome at our events, and add enthusiasm and atmosphere, we ask that you remember that our umpires are ALL volunteers.  Quite often they are high school students who are trying to give back to the community they were once a part of or trying to gain valuable experience and learn.

If you have an issue with an umpire decision, firstly ask yourself if it is really an issue worth disputing or if in the spirit of junior community sport can you let it go?  If you do feel like your team was disadvantaged and it would change the outcome of  the game, please speak to your school’s supervising teacher first and let them liaise with the umpire and any CPSSA reps present.  As an association we have decided that parents who are causing distress to our volunteers will be given a warning.  If they continue, points will be deducted from their school.  We truly hope it does not come to this but the policy has been put in place to ensure a continued positive relationship with our volunteer groups.

Basketball Results

On Monday 22 May, all 9 schools in our association participated in our Basketball Carnival at Wally Hagan Stadium in Hamilton Hill. It was a day that show cased the remarkable talents of some of our students as well as an opportunity for others to try a sport they wouldn’t otherwise play.

Many thanks must go to all the staff at the Cockburn Basketball Association who made it all possible.  The umpires worked tirelessly, while the canteen kept everyone energised.  Thank you also to the many parents who volunteered their time to score, coach or spectate.

Congratulations to the Yidarra girls team who remained undefeated to win the girls competition.  In the boys competition both Yidarra and Living Waters were undefeated to be equal victors.  Unfortunately they did not get a chance through the day to play against each other – what a game it would have been!