Cross Country Program

The full program for our Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday 5 September is now available here.

The carnival will only be cancelled in the event of extreme weather conditions such as a storm.  If rain is forecast please ensure competitors have a change of clothes, including shoes.  There will not be shelter provided for spectators so please come prepared with umbrellas if need be.

UP NEXT: Cross Country

We braved the weather and went ahead with the League Tag carnival!  It appeared as though the kids really enjoyed getting wet and messy. Well done to all the students who participated and the spectators who came to watch despite the rain.  It was a clean sweep by Mater Christi, winning all 4 divisions.  They have been invited to compete in a state competition along with Yidarra.

Our next event is the cross country carnival at Manning Park, Munster. Year 3s will run 1.5km, year 4 will run 1.8km, yr 5 will run 2.0km and Year 6 will run  2.2km. More information about the event can be found here.

League Tag – Wet Weather

The weather forecast for our carnival tomorrow is not ideal, but we will be going ahead as planned.  Rugby is a winter sport! If required, the format of the day may be changed to finish earlier than currently planned.  If the weather becomes extreme the carnival will be cancelled and a later date may be negotiated by the participating schools.

Please ensure players are prepared for the wet weather including a change of clothes.