2018 Winter Lightning Carnival Results

Last week we had our Winter Lightning Carnival.  Children participated in football, soccer, netball or soccer at 4 different venues.  It was a big day!  Across the 4 sports, 230 games were played on 29 courts or fields, all umpired by wonderful volunteers.

We were fortunate to have umpires from SEDA at netball and soccer.  Parents and teachers were of great assistance at football and volleyball.  Canteen and club facilities were made available from FREMANTLE NETBALL ASSOCIATION, SOUTH COOGEE JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUB and  COCKBURN CITY SOCCER CLUB.  We are so grateful for the support of all these groups. Without their help, a carnival of this scale is impossible so we all thank you.

The best part of this particular carnival is it’s inclusive nature.  It does not matter if children are state or club level players or just there to try something new, everyone is welcome.  Below is a list of the top 3 teams in each competition.


Division  1st  2nd  3rd 
A  Yidarra  St Bernadette’s  Star of the Sea 
B  Yidarra  Mater Christi BLUE  = SOTS 

= MC Gold 

C  Yidarra  St Bernadette’s RED  Orana 


Division  1st  2nd  3rd 
N/A  Christ the King  Yidarra  St Bernadette’s 


Division  1st  2nd  3rd 
A  Mater Christi  St Bernadette’s  Yidarra 
B  St Bernadette’s  Yidarra  SOTS B1 


Division  1st  2nd  3rd 
A  St Jerome’s A1  = St J’s A2 


B  Orana  = SOTS  

= MC  

= CTK 

St J’s B1 

= St J’s B2 







Rain will not stop us!

The forecast for our Winter Carnival is not ideal, but we will be going ahead as planned. After all it is the WINTER carnival! Please prepare students with a change of clothes and appropriate wet weather gear.  If a particularly heavy down pour occurs, the event co-ordinators may choose to cancel or shorten a game, delay the start or similar modifications to suit each event.

While we would prefer better weather, cancelling an event of this scale is difficult to reschedule.  Hopefully the rain will be minimal and the kids get to enjoy the day!

2018 Lightning Carnival: Soccer, Volleyball, Netball and Football

Our major participation carnival is just around the corner.  On Tuesday 19 June students will be competing at multiple venues in their chosen sports.

Fixtures and carnival information is now available for all 4 sports.  Please be aware that occasionally schools need to make last minute changes which will require fixture amendments.  Links below:

Football at Santich Park, Munster.

Soccer at Beale Park, Hamilton Hill.

Netball at Fremantle Netball Association.

Volleyball at Frank Gibson Park, Fremantle.Volleyball at Frank Gibson Park, Fremantle.