2019 Cricket Results

Our cricket carnival was played on Tuesday in perfect conditions at Santich Park and all the teams enjoyed the experience and played some fantastic cricket. Congratulations to each school for their efforts and to all who helped get them there. Special thanks to Cockburn Little Aths for once again opening up the canteen for the day.

Big thanks goes to the WACA staff for their support of our cricket carnival once again both with help on the ground as well as equipment and set-up. The umpires, students from Leeming High, also did a magnificent job.

Congratulations to the top three in each division:

Boys Division A: 1st CTK, 2nd Mater Christi, 3rd St Bernadette’s

Boys Division B: 1st SOTS, 2nd CTK, 3rd St Jerome’s

Girls Division A: 1st CTK, 2nd Mater Christi, 3rd Orana

Girls Division B: 1st Mater Christi, 2nd Orana, 3rd Yidarra

2019 Athletics Results

Over the last couple of days, we held out Athletics Carnival in beautiful conditions. Day 1 saw many fine performances both on the 400m track, and in the field events. There was also plenty of competition among the students with special needs who enjoyed the day also. Day 2 concluded the carnival with track races and team events.

Congratulations to Mater Christi who took home the overall shield and to Living Waters who took home the APPS shield. A fine result for both schools. Congratulations to all our competitors and a special thank you to Cockburn Little Aths who provided us with plenty of food and refreshments across both days.

Please go to the Results tab to view the carnival’s final results.