Downloadable program and info and fixtures:

19 Basketball Info & Fixtures

Date:          Tuesday 21 May 2019

Venue:           Cockburn Basketball Association,

Wally Hagan Stadium, Starling St, Hamilton Hill

Time:              9.00am – 2.15pm (First games start 9.20am sharp.)

Teams:          1 boys and 1 girls team per school in separate divisions

Games:         Each team plays 6 round robin games.                    

Game Times:           17 minutes straight

Centrally timed.

1 time out per coach per game.

No subs or timeouts in last 2 minutes unless injury.

3 minute interval between games

Carnival Rules:       

  • 3 personal fouls per game (3rd foul = out)
  • 5 team fouls per game (5th team foul = free/ts)
  • Technical foul for abusive language or unsportsmanlike behaviour disqualifies player for the rest of the carnival.
  • After a team scores, they must allow the other team to bring the ball past the ½ way line before defending.
  • Both zone and man-on-man defense allowed.

Points:         Ladder position will be determined by;

3 – win

2 – draw – no overtime played

1 –loss

*If 2 teams finish with 6 wins they winner will be determined by points scored

*If 2 teams finish with 5-1 record and have played each other, the result of their game will determine shield winner.

*If the two 5-1 teams have not played each other – points for and against will determine the shield winner.

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