Cross Country


Venue:      Manning Park, Azelia Road, Spearwood

Date:         Tuesday 10 September 2019

Time:        11.00 am

19CPSSA XC Manning Park Course

Please be aware that some changes may be still necessary.


Event 1:                                 Year 3 boys                 11.30am

Event 2:                                 Year 3 girls                  11.45am

Event 3:                                 Year 4 boys                 12 noon    

Event 4:                                 Year 4 girls                 12.15pm

Event 5:                                 Year 5 boys                 12.30pm

Event 6:                                 Year 5 girls                 12.45pm

Event 7:                                 Year 6 boys                 1.00pm

Event 8:                                 Year 6 girls                 1.15pm

Pack up, clean up and assemble                          1.30pm

Announcements / Presentations                          1.45pm

Finish                                                                            2.00pm     

** Times may vary slightly according to event finishing times.

Race Information

  1. Competitors are required to wear school colours and suitable footwear. Children will not be allowed to run with bare feet and metal spikes are not permitted.
  1. Teams are requested to be at the venue by 11.00am to inspect/walk the courses. The first event will start at 11.30 sharp.
  1. Teams of FIVE (5) from each school will contest each event. However, only the first 4 runners from each school will be awarded points.
  1. Points will be awarded as follows :
  • Every competitor who finishes the course will be awarded a placing.
  • The winner will earn 45 points, second 44 points, third 43 points and so on.  The school with the most points will be declared the winning school.
  1. Personal awards will be given to the first three placegetters in each event. Only these children will have their names taken.
  1. Certificates will be awarded for each team (5 runners) with the highest points total for their race.
  1. Years 3 will run 1.5km, year 4 will run 1.8km, yr 5 will run  2.0km and Year 6 will run over 2.2km.

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