Cross Country – 4 September

Our cross country carnival is quickly approaching.  No doubt students are well into their training and preparations.  Students will be running the following distances; Year 3 – 1.5km, Year 4 – 1.8km, Year 5 – 2km and Year – 6 2.2km.  

The course at Manning Park will be clearly marked with cones and signs on the day.  Each school will also provide a course marshal to keep students safe and on track.  More information can be found here.


League Tag Results

On 7 August we had our League Tag carnival at Santich Park.  The weather was perfect and the students provided us with plenty of entertainment.  This year we trialled a new format with boys and girls playing together in quick round robin games, ending with finals.

Congratulations to Christ the King who defeated Mater Christi (2/1) in the A division final and to Star of the Sea who also defeated Mater Christi (2/1) in the B division final.  Well done to both Mater Christi teams for making it through to the grand final in both divisions. A summary of all results can be found here.

Thank you NRL for providing umpires and support to our competition and to the South Coogee Junior Football Club for opening their canteen and allowing us to use their facilities.

League Tag coming up.

Our next carnival is around the corner! Our League Tag carnival will be held on Tuesday 7 August at Santich Park, Munster.  7 of our 9 association schools will participate along with Sacred Heart.

NRL have imposed some changes on our format this year which will see boys and girls playing together in either A or B division.  Students will also get the chance to play in finals after the lunch break if their team finishes in the top 4 of each division.  We are looking forward to the new version of our already exciting day.

Full event information, including fixtures, can be found here.

Rain will not stop us!

The forecast for our Winter Carnival is not ideal, but we will be going ahead as planned. After all it is the WINTER carnival! Please prepare students with a change of clothes and appropriate wet weather gear.  If a particularly heavy down pour occurs, the event co-ordinators may choose to cancel or shorten a game, delay the start or similar modifications to suit each event.

While we would prefer better weather, cancelling an event of this scale is difficult to reschedule.  Hopefully the rain will be minimal and the kids get to enjoy the day!

St Bernie’s dominate basketball!

Yesterday we had our annual CPSSA basketball carnival and it was an absolute thriller. Close games, talented players and a noisy stadium filled with cheering – we had it all!

St Bernadette’s won both the girls and boys competition.  You can find a summary of results here.

We are only a few weeks out from our Winter Lightning Carnival.  Children choose to compete in either football, soccer, netball or volleyball.  Schools are busily finalising their teams, fixtures will be finalised and posted ASAP.