19 Athletics Carnival

19 Cross Country Carnival

19 Leaguetag Carnival

19 Basketball Carnival

19 Swimming Carnival

18 Athletics Carnival

18 Cross Country Carnival

18 League Tag Carnival

18 Lightning Carnival

18 Basketball Carnival

18 Swimming Carnival

17 Cricket Results

17 Athletics Results

17 Cross Country Results

17 League Tag Results

17 Swimming Carnival Results

17 Basketball Results

17 Lightning Carnival Results



16 results League tag

Netball Results 2016

Soccer results 16

2016 CPSSA Vball Final Results

footy 16

CPSSA Inter-schoolBasketballCarnival2016







Footy Results 2015

Netball Results 2015

Volleyball Results 2015

bball results 15

swimming results 2015

CPSSA Interschool Cricket Results – 2014

2014 Aths Results

2014 Cross Country Carnival Results

2014 Leaguetag Results: 14 table of placings

2014 Lightning Carnival Results:

2014 Footy Results

Netball Results 2014

soccer leaderboard 14

19 Swimming Results

2014 Basketball Carnival Results : bball results 14

2014 Swimming Carnival results : sw results 14

For previous swimming winners, click here.

10 thoughts on “Results

  1. […] Congratulations to Yidarra Catholic Primary School who dominated our league tag carnival last week. Yidarra took home 3 of the 4 shields on offer and as such received an invitation to play in the State Cup in the coming weeks. The other school to claim a shield and also receive an invitation to play in the cup was Mater Christi. For a full list of results please click here. […]

  2. […] After day 1 Mater Christi had made a lead that proved to be impossible to catch!  They were winners of the outright shield for 2017.  Yidarra took the A.P.P.S shield (Average points per student) home.  Bronze, Silver and Gold medals were also awarded to boys and girls in each year group.  You can find a summary of the results here. […]

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